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Get Ready for your Jumpstart Journey

Elise V
Elise V
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👤 This article is for you if you are a Program Manager who wants to get ready for setting up a new 10KC Community through the Jumpstart Journey. 

Getting ready for your Jumpstart Journey is simple, and chances are you've already done most of the work before getting to this point.

✅ Open up the Jumpstart planning tool provided by your 10KC team.

Confirm your Program Team

While jumpstarting your 10KC community is easy, that doesn't mean you have to do it alone!

✅ Review the below roles and confirm who on your team can help; populate this information into your Jumpstart Planning Tool on the 'Program Team' tab.

ℹ️ Think of these roles as "hats" 🎩. Each of the hats needs to be worn by someone to get your Program up and running. One person might wear multiple hats, or multiple people might wear one. 

  • Executive Sponsor: sets the strategy of the Program and acts as an influential voice who will help us bring awareness and encourage participation at and beyond launch
  • Program Manager: designs, builds and manages the holistic Community in line with the Strategy 
  • Development Program Manager: designs, builds and manages the Development Program
  • Communications Lead: assists with branding and effectively communicating the Program 
  • IT Lead: assists with technical set up to ensure members can receive notifications from the Program; sets up 10KC integrations if applicable
  • Member Data Lead: provides member data to invite members to the Program; provides meaningful information that we can use to drive, create and measure Program success
  • Champion(s) (optional): influential early adopters that can help bring Program Awareness and will commit to participating in the Program at launch 

Confirm your Program Strategy

In order to design, launch and measure a successful Program, it's important to reflect on Why this Program matters and what you'd like to ultimately accomplish. This includes reflecting on and confirming your Program's: 

  • Objectives 
  • Target audience
  • Priorities and timing 
  • Member Outcomes
  • Goals and priorities

✅ Open up the 'Program Strategy' tab of your Jumpstart Planning tool. Fill out answers to questions as you go through. 

ℹ️ This exercise is best completed by the Program Manager and Executive Sponsor together.  

Program Objectives

Program Objectives are statements that you can make about what you'd like your Program to accomplish for your Organization. The best Program Objectives are linked back to an organizational goal or KPI that already exists. 

⭐️ When confirming your Program Objectives, consider the following: 

  • Why are you investing in this Program?
  • Who does this Program matter to? Why?
  • What specifically matters to them? What will they want to see happen as a result of the Program? 
  • What existing organizational or leader goals is this Program driving? 
  • How will we measure success of this Program? 

⏭️ The next parts of building your Program Strategy will focus on your target audience, timing and goals for your 10KC Community as a whole, as well as for each 10KC Feature. 

Target Audience

Your Target Audience consists of the group(s) that you'd like to drive your Objectives for, and clarifying how you'll engage them in your 10KC Program.

⭐️ When confirming your Target Audience(s), consider the following: 

  • Who needs this Program the most? 
  • Who are the groups of people that can add value to the Program? E.g. share knowledge via Office Hours, mentor others
  • Who are the groups of people that you'd like to benefit from the 10KC Program? 


Confirm approximate timing for when you want to engage these groups in your Program. 

⭐️ Consider other organizational initiatives and focus on your priority audiences and objectives.


Consider if you have goals that you'd like to accomplish in terms of adoption and participation. 

⭐️ Consider other organizational priorities that may be competing for this Program's attention. Be realistic but ambitious. 

⏭️ In future steps of the Jumpstart Journey, we'll create a communications plan that will help us get there. 


When designing your Program Strategy, it's important to think about what you want your members to get out of the Program (aka "Member Outcomes"). 

Members Outcomes are driven by members offering something (e.g. hosting an Office Hour, being able to share information on a topic, being a mentor) or seeking something (e.g. attending an Office Hour, being a Mentee).

Here is a list of the sample Outcomes that 10KC participation can drive for your participants, based on whether they are offering or seeking value through their experience. 

Outcomes Members get by offering something Outcomes Members get by seeking something
⬆️ Role Effectiveness ⬆️ Role Effectiveness
⬆️ Cross-Team Collaboration Opportunities ⬆️ Cross-Team Collaboration Opportunities
⬆️ Enterprise Understanding ⬆️ Enterprise Understanding
⬆️ Leadership Skills ⬆️ Leadership Skills
⬆️ Networking Skills ⬆️ Networking Skills
⬆️ Feeling Valued ⬆️ Feeling Valued
⬆️ Connection to Colleagues ⬆️ Connection to Colleagues
⬆️ Knowledge Sharing ⬆️ Learning a new Skill
⬆️ Driving Strategic Priorities ⬆️ Understanding Strategic Priorities
⬆️ Sense of Belonging ⬆️ Sense of Belonging
⬆️ Mentor Recognition ⬆️ Internal Mobility Opportunities
⬆️ Mentoring Skills ⬆️ Career Development
  ⬆️ Professional Development
  ⬆️ Receiving Career Advice

⏭️ In future steps of the Jumpstart Journey, 10KC will share recommended feedback questions that will help you measure that your Program is driving these Outcomes for your members. 

✅ Share your Program Planning Tool, populated with the above, with your 10KC team. 

🥳 Congratulations! You're ready to take the next steps of the Jumpstart Journey! 

⏭️ Now that you've confirmed and shared your Program Team and Strategy, 10KC will configure your Hub and give you access.  


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