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Get Ready for your Jumpstart Journey

Elise V
Elise V
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👤 This article is for you if you are ready to start your 10KC Jumpstart journey. 

Getting ready for your Jumpstart Journey is simple, and chances are you've already done most of the work before getting to this point! 

About 10KC

In this Module, we want to make sure you understand what 10KC is and how we can help you drive your organizational goals. 

Step 1: Choose your Features 

✅ Confirm which 10KC features you would like to start with. 

10KC has 3 core features available: 

Step 2: Choose your Use Case

✅ Work with your 10KC team to confirm which Use Case(s) you'd like to start with. 

10KC has an array of Use Cases, each which are targeted to meeting your organizational goals through expert-curated content. 

  • General Mentorship 
  • Connectivity 
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 
  • Onboarding
  • Early Talent 
  • Leadership Development 
  • Frontline Workforce Program 
  • Sponsorship
  • Women's Mentorship 
  • Return to Office (RTO) & Hybrid 
  • Leading Change

👀 To learn more about 10KC Use Cases, click here

Step 3: Get your team involved 

✅ Review the below roles and engage your team for support

While self-starting your 10KC community is easy, that doesn't mean you have to do it alone! Successful programs have people filling each of the below roles. 

Think of the below roles as "hats" 🎩. Each of the below hat needs to be worn by someone to get your Program up and running. One person might wear multiple hats, or multiple people might wear one. 

  • Executive Sponsor: acts as an influential voice of the Program who will help us bring awareness and encourage participation
  • Program Manager: builds and manages the Program 
  • Communications Lead: assists with Program branding and effectively communicating the Program 
  • IT Lead: assists with technical set up to ensure members can receive notifications from the Program; sets up 10KC integrations (if applicable) 
  • Member Data Lead: provide member data to invite members to the Program and provide meaningful information that we can use to create and measure Program success

⭐️ Engage the Executive Sponsor for the next steps of this Module. 

Step 4: Confirm the Why of your Program 

✅ Create 3 - 5 Program Objectives and share them with your 10KC team 

In order to design a successful Program, it's important to reflect on Why this Program matters and what you'd like to ultimately accomplish. 

👀 Some things to think about when crafting your Program objectives: 

  • Why are you investing in this Program?
  • Who does this Program matter to? Why?
  • How will we measure success of this Program? 
  • What organizational goals is this Program driving? 
  • What leader goals is this Program driving?

Step 5: Confirm the Who of your Program 

✅ Confirm your target Talent Group(s) and share with your 10KC team 

After you've created your Program Objectives, think about who your target audience is. 

👀 Some things to think about when confirming your target Talent Groups: 

  • Who needs this Program the most? Do they want this Program? 
  • Do we have an easy way to contact these groups?

🥳 Congratulations! You're ready to move to the next step of the 10KC Jumpstart Program! 

⏭️ Visit the Next Article below to take the next step! ⬇️

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