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Inside 10KCs Use Cases

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What is a 10KC Use Case?

A 10KC use case is a tailored package of resources designed to propel you and your organization toward specific goals. It simplifies the process of launching successful programs by providing templates, guides, and feedback tools for Introductions, Office Hours, and Development programs.


Who is the team behind 10KCs Use Cases

The team that creates 10KCs use cases are subject matter experts with experience in leadership and employee development, differentiated learning, curriculum design and global partnerships. They partner with some of the world's brightest minds to bring world-class resources to each of the 10KCs use cases.


What are 10KCs Use Cases?

Mentorship Use Case

The Mentorship use case is curated content to build skills in your organization for employees to advance their careers. Mentors and mentees complete the program gaining valuable and relevant insights for their futures.

Connectivity Use Case
The Connectivity use case is designed to create a more connected organization where colleagues can broaden their networks and have focused skill-development conversations with peers.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Use Case
The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) use case is designed to empower your diverse talent groups through experiences that are tailored to specific needs. Some examples of the specific talent groups we support include Women, Indigenous talent, Black talent, LGBTQ2S+ talent and more.

Onboarding Use Case
The Onboarding use case is designed to get your new hires acquainted with the organization while building their network early. New hires will be supported by a more tenured employee to get up to speed on company culture, values and norms.

Early Talent Use Case
The Early Talent use case is designed to help early grads, co-op students and/or interns kick-start their experience at an organization. A more tenured employee supports them in broadening their network and learning about the organization, while also connecting with their other early talent peers to build community.

Leadership Development Use Case
Leadership Development is a use case focused on developing any leadership level in your organization. Based on your organizational needs this could be high potentials, managers, or executives.

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