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Tracking Mentor-Mentee Coverage in Development Programs

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👤 To complete the steps in this article you must have Hub Administrator, Development Program Manager, or Development Program Administrator permission levels. 

In this article, we'll show you how to check program participants highlights and track mentor coverage for mentees in a development program.

 Navigate to your Development Program

  1. Login to your 10KC Hub
  2. In the left navigation menu of your Hub, go to Development Programs > Manage Programs
    • Don't see this option? You may not have the proper permissions
  3. Click on the Draft tab (if your program is unpublished) or the Live tab (if your program is published) to locate your program
  4. Select the program 

📶 Participants Highlights

If program-based mentor/mentee matching is enabled for your Development Program, you will see participant highlights in Participants page to track mentor/mentee coverage:

  • Confirmed participants: members who confirmed their participation in the program
  • No response: members with "invited" or "pending status"
  • Mentors: members who are assigned "mentor" or "both mentor and mentee" roles (includes all members, not just confirmed)
  • Mentees: members who are assigned "mentee" or "both mentor and mentee" roles (includes all members, not just confirmed)
  • Mentee Coverage: mentor capacity (total mentees mentors can have) divided by total mentees available for matching

🧑‍🧒‍🧒 What is Mentor:Mentee Coverage Tracking?

This feature is designed to assist in monitoring the ratio of mentors to mentees within Development Programs with Program-Based Matching enabled. It aims to simplify the process of ensuring that there are enough mentors for the number of mentees.

How Does it Work?

Coverage ratio (Mentors / Mentees) is included in the highlights at the top of the Participants page. Coverage is calculated as follows:

  • Mentors: Sum of the total capacity of all mentors who are added to the program (includes all statuses, not just confirmed)
  • Mentees: Total number of mentees who added to the program (includes all statuses, not just confirmed)

Note: The coverage is an estimate based on capacity. It does not take into account the effect of your matching rules and any match exclusions. To understand the full picture of your program coverage, run matches to see if any members are left unmatched. This will provide a better picture of the specific types of mentors you might need to recruit.

If the coverage is not sufficient, the system will alert you and suggest actionable steps.

What Actions Can I Take?

If you encounter a mentor capacity problem, there are several options available.

  1. Send a reminder: You can send a custom reminder to eligible participants who haven't responded to their invitation (click the bell icon 🔔 in Participant Highlights). 
  2. Adjust matching rules: If necessary, you can relax some of your matching rules to accommodate more mentees.
  3. Ask existing mentors to take on additional mentees.
  4. Ask some of the senior mentees to become mentors.
  5. Limit program availability to a select group of members.

Remember, the goal is to ensure a successful and enriching experience for both mentors and mentees within your Development Programs, so use your discretion in determining which actions are most appropriate.

⭐️ Pro Tip: You can send different reminder content to Mentors and Mentees to increase their likelihood of responding to the program invitation.

⭐ Best Practice: Start with sending reminders to members who haven’t claimed their invitations. If this option is not sufficient, the next best option is to consider relaxing some of your matching rules.


If a member selects “Both” Mentee & Mentor, which means they have a capacity of 2, does this count as 2 in the Mentor calculation?

No, if a member selects “Both” we count their capacity as 1 for the purpose of Mentor-Mentee coverage.

What if a Mentor opts in to the program but has not set their capacity?

We assume their capacity is 1 mentee.

Does this feature work if program-based matching is not enabled?

This feature is currently only available for Development Programs with Program-based Matching turned on. If program-based matching is disabled, you can still view Confirmed participants and No responses.

Why might there be a discrepancy between the number of confirmed participants and the number of Mentors + Mentees?

This is because in the Mentors and Mentees numbers we include all participants and not just Confirmed participants. Also, participants who select "both mentor and mentee" are counted in both Mentors and Mentees numbers.

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