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Hosting a Pre-Launch Meeting for Leaders

Kat N
Kat N
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❓What is a Pre-Launch Meeting for Leaders? 

A pre-launch meeting is a meeting of leaders and key stakeholders held before the official rollout of a new program or initiative. It aims to build excitement, align expectations, and provide leaders with the tools they need to promote the program effectively to their teams.

What You'll Need

  • Pre-Launch Meeting Deck: We have a templated Program launch deck that is ready to be used! Contact your Implementation Manager or Customer Success Manager for more details on this. For a preview, check it out in our sample Client Launch Deck.
  • Hosts: Your Executive Sponsor and/or Program Lead should host the pre-launch meeting. You also have the option of having your 10KC launch team co-host the Orientation with you.

✅ What Will the Pre-Launch Meeting cover? 

  • Why We Are Investing in This Program
    • Clearly outline the strategic objectives the program addresses.
    • Emphasize the potential benefits for the organization, teams, and individual growth.
    • Underscore the company's commitment to leadership development and support.
  • Timeline & Milestones: Provide a clear schedule with dates for key phases or events.
  • How to Speak About This Program to Teams
    • Focus on the "why": Explain how the program aligns with the organization's goals and values.
    • Highlight the benefits for individual employees (connectivity, career development, etc.).
    • Provide clear instructions on how to participate and key dates.
  • Expectations of Participating Leaders
    • Active Championing: Proactively promote the program within their teams and departments.
    • Role Modeling: Demonstrate their own participation and commitment to the initiatives outlined in the program.
    • Feedback: Offer regular insights and observations to program administrators for enhancement.
  • Logistics & Resources: Outline any online platforms, tools, or materials participants will need to access.

⭐️ Best Practices 

  • Schedule Strategically: Hold the meeting close enough to the launch for momentum, but allow enough time for leaders to prepare for communication.
  • Tailor the Content: Align messaging with the company's overall goals and the specific focus of the program.
  • Interactive Format: Include Q&A sessions, discussions, or small group exercises for deeper engagement.
  • Follow-up: Provide leaders with a summary, key takeaways, and any communication materials they can share with their teams.

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