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What's new: April 2024

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Welcome to the latest from 10KC!

We're excited to introduce this month’s updates, designed to boost engagement within Development Programs. Understand session absence, send compliments after sessions, schedule matches, and more. Read on for all the details!

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⭐️ What's new for Development Programs

  • Improve program engagement with Missed Session Insights. Members can now easily select the reason they missed a program session. Admins can analyze trends, pinpoint problem areas, and take action to boost program participation and engagement. Learn more.Missed session insights.png
  • Foster a supportive community with Session Compliments. Members can now send compliments after a program session to recognize each other’s efforts. Members will be notified via email when they receive a compliment. Learn more.
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  • Balance participation with Mentor-mentee Coverage Ratio. New highlights section on the Participants page will help you easily track the mentor-to-mentee ratio in the program (with Program-based Matching enabled). Learn more about this feature and how to take action to optimize coverage here.Mentor-mentee ratio.png
  • More hands-off matching with Scheduled Matching Automation. Once you set the matching rules and timeline, the platform will create the matches and notify participants automatically. Learn more.Scheduled matching.png


Small but mighty updates

  • Effortlessly manage member files with Automatic Profile Reactivation. If you use our API-based HRIS integration, the platform will automatically reactivate profiles of members returning from extended leave. Contact product support to enable this feature.

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