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Opting in and out of Introductions

Scott S
Scott S
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This article explains how to opt in and out of introductions.


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Opting Out of Introductions

  1. Go to the Introductions page.
  2. On the right-hand side under "Next Introduction", click Pause Introductions
  3. In the pop-out, make your selection to either Pause introductions, or Opt out of introductions
  • Pausing introductions - allows you to suspend your introductions for a set period of time.
  • Opting out of introductions - removes you completely from taking part in introductions. You will need to make a selection to let us know why you are opting out. 

Once you make your selection and hit "Send", you will receive a confirmation.. 

Opting Back Into Introductions

  1. Go to the Introductions page.
  2. Click Turn on introductions on the right hand side under "Opted Out of Introductions"

You will receive a confirmation email that you've rejoined the program.

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