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What's new: May 2024

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Welcome to the latest from 10KC!

Another month packed with exciting updates! This month we’ve rolled out the “My Experiences” page, Recurring Networking Programs, automated enrollment for development programs, and a host of Office Hours improvements for more streamlined event logistics management. Dive in to discover all the details!


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⭐️ New "My Experiences" Page

We're excited to launch a brand new way for your employees to stay engaged and connected. The Experiences page gives your members one single place to view active programs, catch up with activities, manage bookings, and share feedback. The Experiences page is all about making it easier for your employees to participate and get the most out of your programs. Learn more.

EXperience page

⭐️ What's new for Development Programs

  • Easily Build Targeted Recurring Networking Programs.
    Create customized networking programs for different employee segments. Design unique networking experiences based on roles, departments, locations, ERGs, and other relevant criteria. Focus your efforts on key talent groups such as new hires, people leaders, and high-potential employees to foster meaningful connections. Learn more.

Recurring program

  • Automate Development Program Enrollment.
    Now you can automatically add new members to Development Programs based on their 10KC profile segments such as Roles, Departments, and Locations. Customize enrollment by selecting whether participants are “invited” (requiring confirmation” or “confirmed” (automatically enrolled) based on their profile and your criteria. Learn more.

Event page participants management


⭐️ What's new for Integrations

  • Another HR Data Sync Update for Profile Sync Manager.
    Automatically deactivate accounts for employees on leave and update profiles in bulk, saving time and ensuring up-to-date profiles for the best program results. Learn more.


Small but mighty updates

  • Introductions Data Dashboard: New “Year-to-date” filter. Easily access data for the current calendar year with the new “Year-to-date” filter option in the Introductions Data Dashboard (navigate to Data & Reporting > Introductions).
  • Members Data Dashboard: Improved “All time” filter. Gain comprehensive insights into your member and hub data with the improved “All time” filter. Easily view data for all members who have joined the hub in the Members Data Dashboard (navigate to Data & Reporting > Members)
  • New Profile Completion Data in Hub Members Export. Easily identify members with incomplete Profiles and send reminders to ensure their profile information is always up-to-date.
  • Office Hours: registration link for private events. Share private events effortlessly with both current members and new members. New members will be prompted to verify their email addresses before registering for the event.
  • Update events with optional email notifications. Admins can now easily edit event details without automatically notifying participants with emails. No need to worry about overwhelming participants with unnecessary emails while managing event logistics. Plus, admins have the option to include a personalized message to participants if you want to keep them informed.

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