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Share usage activity with 10KC

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10KC asks customers to help improve the platform by providing usage information.

Share your usage activity to allow 10KC to gather insights into how you interact with our platform. By reconstructing your clicks, scrolls, and navigation paths, we can identify and resolve bugs, provide tailored support, and proactively improve the usability of the platform. We do this while preserving your privacy.

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By opting in to sharing usage information, you contribute to improvements in platform functionality and user interaction. Here are the benefits you can expect:

  • Tailored Support: Our support team can offer more personalized, efficient assistance with a clear understanding of your experience.
  • Proactive Improvement: Your interaction helps us identify what's working well and what can be improved, leading to faster, more relevant updates.
  • Active Consent: Simply opt-in or opt-out by switching a toggle.

How to turn it on

  1. Navigate to Settings: Go to your profile settings.
  2. Opt-In: Locate the "Share usage information with 10KC" feature under Profile Settings. Toggle the feature on to activate it. You can return here anytime to turn it off.
  3. Confirmation: Confirm your choice, and you're all set.

Consent and Control

Your participation is completely voluntary, meaning you can choose to activate or deactivate it at any time. Here's how you maintain control:

  • Active Consent: Your interaction data is only included when you opt-in. No action is required if you prefer not to participate.
  • Easy Opt-Out: Change your mind? Just switch the toggle off in your settings to stop sharing your interaction data.
  • Selective Participation: Choose to opt-in or out at any time, as many times as you like, with immediate effect on your data sharing.

Privacy Assurance

We take your privacy seriously. Here's how we ensure it:

  • Privacy Controls: No keystrokes or personal data input will be recorded. We don’t track sensitive personal information, such as messages to other participants on platform. For a complete list of data we collect, please see the list below.
  • Secure Storage: Any data we collect is securely stored and protected in accordance with the highest industry standards. See our Security and Compliance page. Data is automatically deleted after 90 days.

By opting into sharing your usage activity, you're helping us make 10KC better for everyone, including yourself. Your participation is valuable, and we're committed to ensuring your privacy and control every step of the way.

Data we collect

The following data may be collected. We only retain data for 90 days.

User interactions Clicks, scrolls, and keyboard inputs are often recorded. This helps in understanding how users interact with the site or app.
Page views Which pages a user visits and how much time they spend on each page.
Mouse movements The movement of the user's mouse across the screen is captured, which can give insights into what users are focusing on.
Form Inputs Information entered into forms can be recorded, although sensitive information like passwords are excluded or masked.
Errors and Issue Any errors or issues encountered by the user, like JavaScript errors or broken links, are often recorded.
Browser and Device Information Information about the browser, operating system, screen resolution, and device type is usually captured to provide context about the user's environment.
Network Activity We may capture network requests and responses to provide a more comprehensive view of the user's experience.
Timestamps Timestamps are recorded to understand the sequence and duration of user activities.


Data we do not collect

  • Messages to other users
  • Passwords
  • Your activity on other platforms

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