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How to share feedback for development program sessions

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Flávia P
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👥 Target Audience: Program participants.

As a participant in a development program, providing feedback for completed sessions is important for your growth and to track the success of the program. Your feedback can help program admins identify areas of improvement and make necessary adjustments to provide a better learning experience for future participants.

 Pro Tip: You can also share compliments with your match acknowledging their personal and professional insights you found valuable in the conversation (only available if your program admin has enabled this functionality for the program you're participating in).

After a session is complete, both participants will receive an email to confirm whether they had a meeting with each other and to track the program's progress. Additionally, a program summary email is periodically sent.

Participants can submit feedback by clicking "Complete check-in" in one of the emails they receive, or by following these steps on the platform:

  1. Navigate to Development Programs on the left side menu.

  2. Sessions from an ongoing program will be available under the Current tab. Find your last session or any session for which you have not yet submitted feedback, and click Complete check-in.

  3. Choose people you want to give feedback for by clicking the check box beside their name, then click Complete check-in. You can give separate feedback for each match you have. Your feedback will only be shared with your admin.

    All Surveys (1).png

  4. Select one option that best describes your session.

    Survey check-in (1).png

  5. In the text box, elaborate why you picked that option and write your feedback.
  6. If Compliments functionality is enabled in your program, instead of Submit button you will see Next button which will take you to a screen to share compliments with your match.Filling out compliments.png
  7. However, if you did not meet your match, click on We skipped this meeting and choose the reason why you couldn't meet.Screenshot 2024-03-25 at 11.33.37 AM.png
  8. Click Submit to send your feedback and complete your session check-in.

After submitting the feedback, you will see a progress update on the program. To return to the Development Program's page, click Back to the program.



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